3 Things You Learn Quickly When You Live With A Man

3 things you learn quickly when you live with a man

The house is ready and you’re both excited to move in together. At first, the whirlwind of it all makes it seem like the best thing ever. This is known as the honeymoon period, ladies, and it fades away after a while. Some women find that it doesn’t last past a couple of days! Once the realization of “holy cow, I live with a man” strikes home, it can feel weird. After all, you don’t know what to expect other than the “tales” from your girlfriends. You’ll learn soon enough, but, to help you adjust ASAP, here are three things every couple does straight off the bat.

Wonder, Were They Always This Dirty?

Sure, they used to leave the odd shirt lying around your place when they stayed over, but that was cute. Not only did it make the relationship feel real, but it provided an abundance of chilling and bedtime clothes. That’s two birds with one stone. However, now they seem like a different animal entirely. In fact, their habits are animal-like the way they eat, the way they never wash the dishes, and they way the clutter up space. Oh, and the smell is something else in a small home. Aromatechscent.com can help with the latter, but you’re going to have to have a conversation about everything else. Try and split the difference and compromise where possible.

Understand Men Don’t Do Cosmetics

Oh shoot, you’re out of eyeliner and have a night out with the girls planned. Because you can’t dip out and pick some up without being late, you turn to your loving partner. “Hey baby, can you grab me some eyeliner and foundation from the store?” of course they can, but it won’t be the right stuff. You see, guys don’t do moisturizers and tampons. Don’t worry because cosmopolitan.com agrees it’s tragic. So, you have to walk them through it in great detail. Tell them the brand, the size, and the price if you think it’ll help. Bonus if you can tell them exactly which aisle it’s in!

Fall Out In Spectacular Fashion

Not only will you scream and shout, but you’ll contemplate your decision. Was it the right idea? Do you know each other well enough to cohabit? These are essential questions, but don’t jump to conclusions. You shouldn’t compare yourself to other couples, but for peace of mind, it’s worth noting it happens to everyone. It’s what happens when two lifestyles collide.

Live With A Man

If you live with a man, it’s definitely different than living with your sorority sisters in college, but it can be such a fantastic experience. I’ve never felt safer than I do with my husband. There will be ups and downs and dirty socks, but when it’s the right person, you wouldn’t have it any other way.


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