How to Get Back on the Bike after an Injury

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There’s nothing more annoying or painful than trying to get fit by cycling and then having an accident. It’s like the universe is telling you to go back to the sofa and eat the doughnuts instead of trying to get fit. For your efforts, you’ve earned yourself a broken leg and a few weeks off training, and a dose of anxiety about being on a bicycle for the pleasure of trying to get fit. It’s not all that fair, really!

Every injury from cycling is unique. Some come from accidents, and when they do you need to think about a personal injury consultation to get what you deserve to aid your recovery. Some accidents happen out of lack of concentration. Whatever happens, it can be hard to get back in the saddle and start cycling again. So, how can you get yourself back to that place?

Accept Your Accident

It’s happened, it sucks, but it’s happened and there isn’t much that you can do now to change anything. The first thing to do when it comes to getting on your bike again is to accept that you can’t for a little while. You need to recover or you’re going to injure yourself further which is just not what you want. Your attitude toward your recovery is going to help you get well again; don’t mistake that.

Listen To Your Doctor

You may be used to training and playing through the pain, but you’d be stupid to ignore the medical advice. You don’t know what’s going through your limbs that have been broken and bruised, but the doctors do. Take all the advice that you can get and make sure that you are following it religiously. Break a rule and you’ll find yourself back to square one!

Keep Taking Care of Yourself

If you found a slashed tire on your car, you wouldn’t slash the rest, would you? No, of course, you wouldn’t. If you’ve been training and have found yourself with a broken leg, that doesn’t mean that you stop working your arms and you sabotage your eating plan. You need to keep on as much as you can without compromising your injury.

Go Easy

When the time comes to get back into it and you’re allowed to start working out again, go slowly. Don’t dive in a with a three-hour training session and think you’ll be fine. Those muscles need time to build back up again and time is what you must give yourself to be successful.

Don’t Say No To Physio

It takes time, but it does work. Physiotherapy is going to get you back on that bike and cycling away faster than you think, so attend the sessions and do the exercises at home, too.

Get Back To Cycling

It’s time. You’re ready. Get back on the bike and enjoy the freedom. Take your time and do short rides at a time. It’s not going anywhere so don’t rush it!

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