Is it Time to Start Settling Down?

Is It Time to Start Settling Down-


Once we reach the legal drinking age, drinking alcohol is accepted and even widely encouraged. From college nights on the town to Spring Breaks on the beach to college mixers and so much more. But when is the drinking too much?

We’re all told we should get out, have fun, socialize and let our hair down. However, this kind of lifestyle shouldn’t last forever- you don’t need to hang up your dancing shoes for good but most people will naturally reach a stage where going out and doing those things aren’t important.

All night parties turn into a few glasses of wine at a dinner party with friends, a trip to the cinema, theater or just an early night. If you’re still partying hard at an age where others have calmed down a little- here are some clues that it’s time to start settling.

Is it time to settle down?

It’s Affecting Your Job

When we’re young, most of us can handle a night of drinking, hardly any sleep and still make it into college or university feeling ok enough to get through the day. As we get older, hangovers become more severe meaning even the occasional night out can affect your work performance the next day.

If your drinking is causing you to be late to work or affect your productivity then it’s a sure sign you have a problem. There are facilities and good treatments these days that can help, find out more here.

Your Loved Ones are Worried

Your loved ones should have your best interests at heart. If someone that you trust and you know cares about you is worried about your drinking, take them seriously. People with addictions will go into denial so you could easily convince yourself there’s no problem at all. Your support network knows better, whether it’s an intervention or just a few words from a friend- don’t overlook this.

You’re Hiding Evidence or Feeling Guilty

If you feel as though you need to hide bottles, play down how much you drink, drink before you go out then you may have a dependency issue. Going out or enjoying the occasional drink with friends should be fun. It’s not something you would feel bad about unless you know there’s something a little more sinister going on.

Know Your Limits and Practice Moderation

If you know you have a tendency to drink too much, ask a friend to let you know when you’ve had enough. Sometimes a little reminder is all you need when the drinks start flowing. It’s so easy to forget how many you’ve had.

Can’t do this? If you drink to excess despite being reminded that you’ve had enough, you may have a serious issue with alcohol. You may need professional help. For most people, alcohol can be a fun way to celebrate a special occasion or to enjoy a catch up with friends. If you need to drink to get through certain situations then you could be developing, or already have an addiction.

Are you Drinking Too Much?

It’s so important to not be ashamed if you have a problem with alcohol. You don’t have to go through it alone. If you think you are drinking too much and want help, go to a trusted friend or doctor and be open and vulnerable.


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