Local Legends with Gymboree

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Local Legends with Gymboree

local legends with gymboree

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It’s almost Summertime! After a long, long winter, it’s so exciting to see the sun shining and watch the girls run around the yard laughing and playing!

Gymboree has an awesome campaign going on right now and it’s all about families! To be more specific, it’s about families becoming local legends!

How fun is that?

We will probably stay close to home all Summer. It’s easier with littles to do that. Staying in town doesn’t have to be boring though. There are so many adventures to go on.

Summers in the 80s and 90s

I remember, as a kid, that we always stayed home during the summers, with the exception of a summer trip to visit family before my parents divorced. Summers were spent playing outside, wandering around on my parent’s and grandparents’ farms, fishing, and using my imagination. Ipads weren’t a thing, so we had to use our brains (insert gasp) to make our fun!

I grew up on close to 100 acres (between my family farm and my grandparents), so I had so much room for activities. We would go 4 wheeler riding and cave exploring. I even spent my summers learning how to drive a tractor and a truck in the fields.

Times are different now, but I love taking my kiddos to the place where I grew up so they can explore on my old stomping grounds.

How Will We Be Local Legends?

How will we be local legends? There are so many activities to do in our city during the Summer. Our local libraries always have a ton of activities for all ages. Last year, they did a reading competition. We have a zoo and several parks that we can visit. Fingers crossed, the sloths are back at the zoo! I’m really excited for Jurassic Quest. I visited a similar exhibit as a kid in New Orleans on Summer break. It was so much fun! Some other things on our summer bucket list:

  • Semi-pro baseball game
  • Museum (we have a children’s museum that is amazing as well as an art museum)
  • Local volunteering (it’s important for us to create servant hearts in the girls)
  • Vacation Bible School (one of my favorite Summer activities as a kid)
  • Stargazing
  • Water fight
  • Roast marshmallows (maybe I’ll finally have my first ‘smore!)
  • Wash the cars (by hand – gasp)
  • Snow cones
  • Bubbles
  • Miniature Golf
  • Movies on the lawn (at home or the local library)
  • Slipe n Slide
  • Chasing lightning bugs
  • Night time swimming
  • Ice cream dates
  • Swimming (the girls are learning how to swim from their Daddy and big sister!)

Summertime is so sweet for kiddos. Call me frugal, but I love activities that we can do as a family that are free. Some of our favorites are picnics (the twins’ latest obsession), dance parties, picking flowers, chalk drawings on the sidewalk, and playing in the sprinklers! I may even encourage a no screens policy! (Insert another gasp)

I love the idea of going “old school”, putting the electronics away, and just being a kid! I remember being a kid and spending so much time outside exploring our yard and farm and playing until dinner time.

Childlike, Summertime fun is just good for the soul!

Back to Gymboree

Another season means putting away clothes and getting sundresses and bathing suits. These girls are growing like weeds, so a shopping spree is definitely in order for us!  Gymboree is one of our go-to stores when it comes to finding adorable and affordable clothes. They have everything from outside playing clothes, church attire, and 4th of July outfits to shoes and accessories.

Your kids will definitely be the best dressed this Summer. (I’m pretty positive that my girls all dress better than me!)

My Gymboree Picks for the Girls

Check out a couple of my favorites from the Local Legends line that we must have for the girls’ Summer wardrobes.

This adorable tank dress will be perfect for warm Summer days!

local legends with gymboree

I am obsessed with these sneakers!

local legends with gymboree

Check out all the adorable clothes in Gymboree’s Local Legends Line and be sure to make every day legendary this Summer! Heads up! This line is so stinking adorable that you may want to buy everything!

I have to know. What are your favorite family Summer activities? Any traditions? I love getting new ideas from other people.


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