Friday Favorites: Toys for Toddlers

Friday Favorites: Toys for Toddlers

Toys for toddlers

Happy Friday!

It’s time for another Friday Favorites with Toys for Toddlers. I have put together a list of my girls’ favorites!

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 Fraturtles. We love this book. A lot of twin books that I found have been about identical twins. This book is about fraternal twins, twins that don’t look alike.

Bubbles! Is there anything more fun than bubbles? My girls could play with bubbles all day long.

 Glow sticks. Another favorite around our house. Such a great gift idea for the kiddos.

 Magnetic building toys. These are so much fun! Even my husband and I love playing with them. It’s so awesome to see how creative your littles can be with these.

Magnetic Drawing Boards. The girls will spend so much time, drawing and erasing, drawing and erasing.

Paint. They love painting and sometimes it makes it to the paper instead of Sissy’s arm. Just make sure it’s washable, because, like I said, they will paint each other.

Walkie Talkies. For us, it is Minnie Mouse all the way! Granted, the girls are totally sure how to use them yet, but they LOVE them. They will go into different rooms and yell, “Can you hear me, Sissy??” They will get it. In the meantime, it’s very entertaining to watch. 

 LeapFrog Scribble and Write. This is so cool! I love learning toys so much. This teaches them how to write their letters and numbers. The excitement on their faces when they each wrote the letter to their first names was priceless. Proud Mommy Moment!

 Playdough. What kid doesn’t love playdough? You can buy it or make it yourself. Check out this post and see how easy it is to make at home.

Dollhouses and playsets. For Christmas, the girls got 3 different playhouse/playsets and they have played with them every day since. They are really into Puppy Dog Pals.

Check out this post for more ideas for toys for toddlers!

What do your littles love to play??

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