Serious Case Of Cabin Fever

What do you get when you mix a snow storm, twin toddlers and a 4 month old? A serious case of CABIN FEVER!


It’s snow as far as the eye can see! Now, I know you’ve heard me say that I love Winter and the snow. I totally do! BUT….I love my sanity more.

The main problems are the cold temps and the fact that we are all getting over the flu or whatever awful sickness invaded our house that has made me declare that we will not re-enter society until Spring like the bears. Which means: more CABIN FEVER!

If you are still reading, thank you for putting up with the non-sensical ramblings of a sleep deprived mom!

Luckily, throughout this “house arrest” we have plenty of PJ Masks to watch. (Thank you Netflix!) I also have arts & crafts supplies for the twins to periodically occupy them so I can get some work done.

When they aren’t fighting or doing any of the above, they are playing with each other. I am so amazed by their imaginations! I absolutely love seeing interact with each other, when it doesn’t involve hair pulling or round house kicks to the throats.

Are we raising little girls or ninjas?

Baby M has been pretty great through all of this chaos. She has, however, been dealing with teething probs. She wants to chew on everything in sight, so thankfully we have some pretty great “chew toys” like these adorable rubber teething pacifier clips. So cute, right?



The weather is supposed to warm up to the mid 50s this weekend (Southern Indiana, am I right?!) so the girls will FINALLY be freed to go play outside!

Maybe, I’ll have Daddy take them out and I will celebrate surviving this crazy week with a glass of Champagne…

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