Hello Fresh Review

Hello Fresh Review!

Hello Fresh Review

(This post does contain a link where I will receive credit for your purchase) You can save $40 on your first box with code: D28X57

I have been wanting to try Hello Fresh for a while but like anything else, I was skeptical to spend money on something and take the chance of not liking it. I was recently lucky enough to try a free box so there was no risk. (I tried the box made for 2 people)

The box arrived at my door and when I opened it, the food was stored neatly. The meat was separated from the other ingredients and all was kept cold. I love how the ingredients for each meal were separated into bags so no need to sort through. I used the bag from each meal to toss my trash in so it made for a pretty easy clean up. Large recipe cards were also included with pictures and instructions so it was easy to follow and understand.

The first meal was chicken-pineapple quesadillas with pico and sour cream. I love all Mexican dishes so I was very excited about this meal. The chicken breast was large enough to have extra leftover. The kiddos went to the neighbors for dinner so my hubby and I each had a quesadilla and a half and there were leftovers for lunch the next day for myself.

I wasn’t exactly excited about the second meal because I don’t normally like meat in my spaghetti (weird, I know), but this one was also a winner. Beef Ragu Spaghetti. Easy to follow directions and OMGoodness,  it was amazing. It was so good that my husband and I each had seconds otherwise there would have been leftovers with this meal as well. (The littles had dinner at our neighbor’s house again.)


The third meal was our favorite! Figgy Balsamic Pork. I’m always nervous cooking pork because I ALWAYS overcook it. It drives my husband crazy so I know he was secretly nervous about me cooking this meal as well. I can not put into words how amazing it was. I simply followed to recipe card instructions and the pork was cooked to perfection. Never one to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT! Our girls (3 year old twins) also loved this meal. No leftovers with this one.

As a wife and mom to twin toddlers and a newborn, I loved having preplanned meals sent to my door. I didn’t have to wonder what we were going to have or run to the grocery. The meals were simple to make but still made me feel like a chef. Included, were ingredients that I never thought to cook with like fig jam and pepperolio.

My only complaint was that  an onion was missing from the second meal, however I had one in the pantry so it wasn’t an issue. I emailed customer service and they immediately responded and credited my account for a future purchase. That was definitely above and beyond what I had expected.

Will we be trying Hello Fresh in the future? Absolutely!

If you would like to try Hello Fresh and save $40 on your first box, use code: D28X57

Hello Fresh Review!

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