Pregnancy Causes What?!

Oh Pregnancy! What a crazy roller-coaster ride it can be. There were several things I expected, like weight gain and some nausea, but nothing could have prepared me for the things I experienced that no one warned me about it. I mean, seriously, help a girl out! I knew I would be emotional, crying at commercials and such, but I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t stop at the tears.

1) Sass Overload! Hormones are a crazy thing, am I right?! I remember the scene from “Knocked Up” where they are in the doctor’s office and Seth Rogen gives an honest attack on the hormones! SPOT ON! When I was pregnant with the twins, I worked at a doctor’s. One afternoon, I waddled after a woman out of the office, to her car to retrieve my ink pen that she walked off with. Seriously?! Who does that?

2) The dreaded H word….Hemorrhoids! Yes, I said it. TMI? Of course. But it’s a reality of pregnancy. Modesty pretty much goes out the window during those 9 months. I wouldn’t be being honest if I left this lovely gem out. Luckily, I only dealt with it once with the twins, but I was TERRIFIED! I called my mom crying convinced that I was dying and asking what in the world is going on with my body? Thankfully, she didn’t laugh at me, at least not while we were on the phone. Tucks pads were a lifesaver, along with a lot of negotiating with God.

3) Carpal Tunnel. I had heard of it, but didn’t know that I would end up with it. That annoying numbness and tingling drove me CRAZY! Driving, sleeping, even blow drying my hair would make my entire hand go numb. Thankfully, a sweet co worker gave me her brace to help alleviate the annoyance, but it wasn’t until after the girls were born, that I could feel my hand again.

4) Skin Tags. Yep, I said it. I wish I had been warned. Do I need to elaborate? I think not.

5) Congestion. I was so stopped up with the girls and I occassionally experience it with this pregnancy. As a result of the nasal congestion with the twins, I became a mouth breather. I remember having dinner with my husband and I could feel him staring at me. I didn’t realize but I became that super annoying eater that would eat with her mouth wide open because I couldn’t breath. I’m so glad that isn’t happening this time around. So is my husband.

6) Bleeding Gums. What the heck? Thanks progesterone.

7) Emotional Roller-coaster! The flood gates have opened and the tears are rolling. I knew that I may be a little more emotional, but I was not prepared to cry at the drop of a hat. Game shows were my Achilles heel. I cried like a baby every time someone won a prize. This pregnancy, I have avoided such shows, but I still cry randomly and my ‘tude is on display on the daily!

8) Round ligament pain. I had no clue this was a thing. Sharp, stabbing pains that would make me double over. OMG! The first time I experienced that, I was pretty sure I was dying.

9) Sciatica and groin pain. The pain was so bad towards the end of my twin pregnancy that my sweet, strong husband would have to lift me into our vehicles and carry me from room to room. Did I mention how strong he was?

10) Bloating. I was so bloated with the girls that I couldn’t wear my regular pants by 7 weeks. Granted, I was pregnant with twins, but holy cow! Thank you to who ever invented leggings. Genius!


Ok, I get it, looking over this list, I notice that all these things are not things to be excited about, but they are all totally worth it! Growing a human or humans, is the coolest thing EVER! I am one of those annoying women who absolutely love being pregnant, so I can overlook all the craziness that I have experienced throughout the process. I still can’t wrap my mind around the miracle that is carrying a child. Feeling those first sweet flutters to watching my belly roll to see baby B kick baby A in the head during ultrasounds. I try and cherish every single moment of this journey. It’s hard. It’s exhausting. It’s also so worth it.

What are some crazy things that you experienced during pregnancy that you were not prepared for?

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